Congress Just Passed a Trillion Dollar Spending Bill. What Does It Mean for the Economy?

My latest column at Center for American Progress examines the omnibus appropriations bill that Congress passed yesterday. The challenge of covering legislation like the omnibus is finding a way to tell a coherent story about a very long bill that is essentially a list of government programs and how much money each will receive for the year. I chose to focus on some of the key investments in the bill, to try shedding some light on what the bill will mean for our economy. From the column:

The omnibus reverses some of the most damaging sequester cuts, but not all of them. The omnibus also makes a few excellent investments in our economy, and it is certainly better than allowing the full sequester cuts to continue for another year. This column focuses on four major areas of economic investment: infrastructure, early childhood education, scientific research, and job training. It also examines the smaller but very important long-term investment in preventing lead poisoning. Altogether, the omnibus delivers mixed results for these sectors, primarily because it faces restrictions from a spending cap that is simply too low to enable the investment our economy needs.

The whole column is posted here.


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