UPDATED: Congress Can’t Even Agree on How Much We’re Spending Now

This is just weird. I was comparing the House and Senate versions of the spending bill that will fund transportation and housing programs for the 2014 fiscal year. As expected, the House wants to cut these programs far more deeply than the Senate. Less expected, the reports for these bills don’t even agree on how much we’re already spending this fiscal year.

Page 163 of the House report states that a grand total of $80,884,104 in spending was enacted for the programs funded by the transportation and housing bill in the 2013 fiscal year. Page 197 of the Senate report disagrees, saying that $80,767,564 was actually the grand total of fiscal year 2013 enacted spending. Throughout the two reports, there are small disagreements over how much spending was actually enacted for particular programs in the 2013 fiscal year.

Washington dysfunction has reached a new low. The House and Senate no longer agree on how to count.

Update: It seems that the issue here is that the House reports do not count a tiny across-the-board rescission imposed by Section 3004 of the FY13 Continuing Resolution, which accounts for the differences between OMB and CBO scoring. I got bored just typing that.

As J. Walter Weatherman of Arrested Development would say, “And that’s why, you always read the footnotes.”


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