At Least We’re Not Russia

Sergei Magnitsky was beaten to death in Russian custody after uncovering tax fraud by government officials. (Voice of America)

Sergei Magnitsky was beaten to death in Russian custody after uncovering tax fraud by government officials. (Voice of America)

Polls have found that Americans view Congress in a worse light than cockroaches, traffic jams, and the band Nickelback. So, this post serves as a reminder that things could be a lot worse. At least we aren’t Russia.

When a Russian journalist named Sergei Magnitsky reported a $230 million tax fraud carried out by Russian officials, their response outdid any misconduct we could ever imagine from our own IRS. Magnitsky was framed for committing the tax fraud himself, arrested, and beaten to death. The United States addressed the Magnitsky case by passing sanctions against Russian government officials who were involved in the mistreatment and killing of Magnitsky, or other human rights violations.

The Russian Government responded to U.S. sanctions by banning adoptions of Russian orphans by American families. Because…spite? Some of those orphans will be able to find homes with Russian or other foreign families, but not all of them. The situation is particularly heartbreaking for special needs kids:

Timofey, who doesn’t talk but clearly watches and listens, is growing too old for the baby house, Nikiforova said. He will soon move to an orphanage for older children, where he will remain until he’s 18. After that, if his case goes as most Down syndrome cases do, he will probably spend the rest of his life in an asylum.

Timofey was to be adopted by a Maryland family before the adoption ban was passed. That family, and other American families planning to adopt Russian orphans, are obviously heartbroken. Which is probably the point. A pathetic act of retaliation from a government so pathetic that they succeed where cockroaches and Nickelback fail – they make the U.S. Congress look alright.


2 thoughts on “At Least We’re Not Russia

  1. Charlene Oldham

    You might be interested in my book review on Mom at Last at www, Author Sharon Simons adopted two boys from Russia before the ban. I plan to ask her about the recent changes during an interview next week.


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