Power4Patriots: Green Energy for the Tea Party



This guy is a marketing genius. The marketing video for the “Power4Patriots” system is a rambling diatribe about how Obama and The Corporations are intentionally jacking up your electric bill, with a disturbing undercurrent of survivalism about an inevitable “domestic emergency.” The only way to unshackle yourself from Obama’s dystopia is to free yourself from the electric grid and generate your own power. That’s right – this is an ad for wind and solar power.

Power4Patriots is probably a scam, but I really do think this guy is onto something. A recent study found that conservatives are less likely to support alternative energy when the environmental benefits are stressed. Instead of stressing the environmental benefits that we find convincing ourselves, we should stress other advantages when advocating alternative energy to a conservative audience.

That doesn’t mean going full wingnut and advocating solar panels to stop Obama’s Black Helicoptors, but it does mean talking less about climate change with people who don’t believe that exists. Reducing our dependence on foreign oil is a goal everyone supports, but conservatives correctly point out that this can be achieved (at least in part) by drilling in more environmentally sensitive areas here at home.

I actually like the points the Power4Patriots guy makes about saving money and making your household more self-sufficient. When renewable energy saves money, it’s a good idea even if global warming is fake. Reducing your exposure to swings in electrical prices is also a reasonable goal, and making your house less reliant on the electrical grid would make that happen. I’m not saying the EPA should hire this guy to be the spokesman for their climate change policy, but we should stress messages that our audience finds persuasive. Just repeating messages because we find them persuasive ourselves doesn’t advance anything, and talking to yourself is a bad habit.


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